Did you know most insurance plans cover nursing foot care? 




Working on your feet all day can take a toll on your feet. Proper foot care may be covered by your insurance plan

and we can direct bill if your insurance company permits.


 Diabetic Care

Ongoing preventative foot care is essential for people with diabetes, especially during the winter months. Winter cold and dryness is hard on your feet and can be particularly damaging for those with diabetes.
Reduced blood flow to the extremities can lead to loss of feeling and can turn minor foot issues like blisters into serious wounds. Poor circulation can also result in swelling and can make dryness and cracking worse. 



Be kind to your feet! 

Foot health is important to your overall health. From general care and nail trimming, advanced and diabetic foot care your appointment may be covered by your insurance. Give us a call for more details or to make an appointment.